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  • "I was having contant headaches and upper neck tension. When I go for regular visits, I feel much better. The nagging dull pain goes away and I can move my neck and rotate my head from side to side. I am feeling much better and have been healthier since I have been under Dr. Fritz's care. I believe he has helped my entire family feel better and enjoy a better quality of life. Not only will Dr. Fritz be able to help you feel better immediately, he will be able to keep you feeling better over time."
  • "I started chiropractic care in 2014 when I hurt my back lifting kids at work. The pain was so bad, I couldn't stand without stabbing pain. I was referred to Lake Country Chiropractic and started going twice a week for my back and neck. After about a month I felt little to no pain at all and was moving normally and able to lift again. If a friend or family member were to ask me about chiropractic care I would recommend it to them immediately!"
  • "I was recovering from Achilles tendon rupture and repair. I have previously tried physical therapy, massage, and training. Dr. Fritz used the Graston Technique. This helped eliminate restrictions, which allowed the muscles to function more freely and really boosted the muscle recovery. Now, my strength is returning where I was previously stalled and the calf is looking normal again.
    Dr. Fritz and Renee have been a pleasure to work with. I actually look forward to my visits at the office!"
  • "I went in for an adjustment twice a month while pregnant until my baby boy arrived! I'm not sure I would have been able to get through the last month without getting chiropractic care!
    Coming in that day and getting the adjustments that fit my needs was great. I was in and out in about 10-15 minutes which helps when you're in a hurry. At Lake Country Chiropractic they connect with their patients on a more personal level and they're interested in learning and communicating one on one."
  • "Great People, They have helped me very much in felling well again. Knowledgeable Dr. and staff."
    Bill P.
  • "My 2 children and I have been seeing Dr. Fritz since he began his practice at Lake Country Chiropractic and have received excellent care by him. Personally, Dr. Fritz has helped me with my lower back pain by recommending orthotics with a lift due one leg that was shorter than the other (something I didn't even know I had until he pointed it out!). I now see the Dr. on a monthly maintenance schedule and always feel welcomed and their genuine interest in how I am feeling and in my well being."
    Marie S.

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